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Little dude looks cool. I couldn't get grapple to do anything, and the red button things didn't seem to do anything. I was able to traverse most places with double jump but I never found where I was supposed to go. I like the overall look. I would recommend putting an on-screen GUI or at least in the menu to indicate that you should press 1-5 to try different abilities. Good job submitting a game! I've definitely pulled my share of game jam all-nighters! :)

Hi there! Due to scope-creep and bigger ambitions for this game, a lot of tutorial stuff just didn't make it in. We do plan to expand on it more after the jam's judging period ends, though. You should be able to right click on blue objects with the grapple ability active to zip to the blue objects, and the red buttons should allow you to switch to a different ability using the keys 1-5. The on-screen GUI suggestions is definitely something we will do in the near future when expanding this project. Thank you so much for your advice, and thanks for playing!